Theokinetic Mudra Technology©
Theokinetic Mudra Technology© (TKMT) is an individualistic wellness process for optimizing health, vitality, and well being. Use TKMT to identify conditions that are limiting the optimal structure, function, efficiency, integration, and dynamic harmonious equilibrium of your whole being in the here and now. TKMT is under the command of your own higher self and not any other individual. Your higher self directs the wellness process. TKMT assists people looking for the next step in personal development.

What Is Theokinetic Mudra Technology (TKMT)
Theos Directive Intelligence, from Greek Theo for Divine, the builders, the bright or shining One(s).
Kinetic Relating to movement, motion; from Greek kinetikos for movable, from kinein to move.
Mudra Made by hand.
Technology The knowledge and use of techniques of an art, science, profession or the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes.

Mudras are codes. Each finger acts as an antenna that collects and directs the energies of life — earth, air, water, fire, and space. A mudra is formed by bringing the fingers and hands together in a unique sequence. Forming a mudra directs these life energies into and throughout ones being in a specific pattern. Mudra is transforming because of the effect that the mudra has on the body, mind, and spirit. Mudra represents the transmission of a specific empowerment to you.

Stress, illness, injury, etc. can short circuit your wellness process. At times it is as if you tripped a breaker switch in your body and now you do not have the energy to restore wellness. Mudras appear to reconnect these “switches” allowing your being to once again collect, release, and direct its own life energies to optimize health, vitality, and well being.  

Theokinetic Mudra Technology (TKMT) is a means whereby you can connect with Universal Directive Intelligence and receive specific qualities and energies of the “All That Is” to empower the unfoldment of your life’s purpose.

TKMT facilitates this connection through:
  1. TKMT Operating System Mudra – opens the pathway to all parts of one’s being
  2. Prajna Response Testing – a self-testing method that gives immediate feedback
  3. Mudras – specific finger to finger, hand to hand connections
  4. Voice – specific voice command statements and decrees
  5. Protection – through your Tube of Light
  6. Transmutation – using the Violet Transmuting Flame
Why Use TKMT?
TKMT gives you the practical self-contained tools to explore the “unexplored” regions of the greatest phenomena of the universe, “the Me, Myself, and I AM” of yourself.

What TKMT Does
By becoming proficient in the practical application of TKMT, you can accelerate the unfoldment of those qualities needed to bring you to the acknowledgment and recognition of your Divine Plan and accelerate your path unto Its’ fulfillment.

TKMT offers a series of Individual Self Cultivation workshops. At these workshops you will experience the “ME” in your Heart. This center of the “I AM”, the True Self, unfolds the Love, Wisdom, and Power necessary for Life’s expression.

In addition to workshops, Individual TKMT Wellness Sessions are available with qualified TKMT Facilitators.